DaVinci Code Lawsuit

Dan Brown, the author of the ridiculously over-hyped and only marginally entertaining novel The DaVinci Code is being sued by the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail (Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh) whose research and opinions were obviously used by Brown when writing his book. Having read the latter book some years ago, when I picked up former on the recommendation of a friend, I was bored to tears – most of the “revelations” in this book were straight from HBHG.

Now, that doesn’t mean there is the basis for a lawsuit. I mean, how can you sue someone for using historical facts in a novel? Even if the facts are, shall we say, somewhat suspect. However, the authors of HBHG are forging ahead, claiming outright plagiarism. From the article:

He [Baigent] was reluctant to outline why he was taking legal action, but has told the Daily Telegraph newspaper in Britain that being “lumped in” with Brown’s novel degraded the historical implications of their research.

“It makes our work far easier to dismiss as a farrago of nonsense.

“What a lot of people have forgotten was that the Holy Blood was a hypothesis,” Baigent told the Weekend Herald this week.

“We had a lot of data that we were deeply suspicious of, and we spent a lot of time checking it.

“We managed to establish that a certain amount was shown to be correct; the rest was plausible.”

Link to original article from the The New Zealand Herald.