Carly Fiorina – You’re Fired

By Bye Carly. The board at HP has finally gotten rid of Carly Fiorina, the current CEO. Widely criticized after the near-completely disastrous merger between HP and Compaq, the writing has been on the wall for some time now. HP basically got the shaft in the merger, as none of the expected benefits emerged: cost savings, more presence in the server market, etc.

Now, if only they would continue to update their calculator line, I’d be really happy.

Update: According to this CNN/Money article, Fiorina is leaving with millions:

On a conference call with reporters, executives said Fiorina was not terminated for cause and that she would receive severance pay — and a company spokesman said she’ll get a payout of $21.1 million, not including stock options.

21 Million Dollars. FOR SUCKING SO BAD YOU GET CANNED. I wish I could screw up something so badly and be rewarded so richly. The stockholders liked her leaving, in any case: HP stock jumped almost 11% as of right now.