Missile Defense Test Fails – Again

MDA - We defend you - kind of. Once again, a planned test of the ballistic missile shield has failed. Like the December 15, 2004 test, the intercepter missile didn’t even launch. The previous test failure was blamed on a minor software glitch. This time it was Good News! It is thought that this was a problem with the support vehicle for the missile instead of the missile itself. Not that it matters – a failed launch is a failed launch – we’d still all be glowing.

This junker of a missile defense was supposed to be declared active at the end of 2004. At the rate we’re going, we’ll see this thing active in about 2014. If we’re lucky. This whole thing needs scrapped and looked at with a skeptical eye – nearly every test of this thing has failed outright, and it doesn’t look like we’re making progress. Instead of getting incrementally better, it just gets worse. The small “successes” are looking more like a complete fluke that they worked at all.

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