New PowerBook

So I finally gave in to the marketing hype and went and got myself a brand new 15″ PowerBook to replace my aging 1 Ghz. TiBook from a couple of years ago. It was still working well, but with no 802.11g and other niceties, it was time to move. I settled on the fully loaded 15″ w/superdrive, maxed memory (2 GB) and large hard drive. I skipped on the 128MB of VRAM and dual link DVI. Despite being a factory-only option, I really can’t see myself needing the ability to hook up to a 30″ flatscreen in the near future.

So I went over the nearest Apple store that had stock (in Denver) and plopped down some cash and walked out with an expensive black box. When I got home, I had the best computer upgrade experience ever. That migration tool that Apple now includes during setup completely rocks. It got all my apps and data – everything, moved over and completely running with only two exceptions – Stuffit needed reinstalling (and it even warned me that I had to do that step) and I had to reinstall the dev kit. Completely painless – I was up and fully running with all my stuff in under three hours – including the transfer of 69GB of data over firewire. Brilliant.