Textpander Rules

Ever use TypeIt4Me? This utility has been around for ages. Basically it allows you type abbreviations which are then expanded into full words, phrases, etc. So instead of typing your full email signature, you might just type fsig. You could even have the cursor repositioned in the middle of the expanded text with a little work. Nice time saver. Unfortunately, TypeIt4Me never really caught on with me – it was too slow, and I found myself pausing while it expanded stuff and moved the cursor around. If you typed while it was doing this, either the characters would be ignored or they would get stuck in the wrong places. Very annoying for me.

But along comes Textpander. This thing does what TypeIt4Me does and a whole hell of a lot more. It’s blazing fast. Text is expanded and the cursor positioned instantly. No delay, no stray characters. Once you start using it, it just fits right in with your normal typing. And get this – you can include images as well. Want a nice signature on your documents? Just drop in an image along with your text and you’re good to go.

And did I mention it’s free? Well, the developer asks for donations via Paypal. I’m going to kick him a few bucks for this thing. It fixes all the problems of TypeIt4Me and does it with style.

Link to Textpander.