Utah Board of Education Votes to Keep Teaching Evolution

Sad that this vote was really needed, but grateful that it was a unanimous “yes” to keep teaching evolution in Utah’s classrooms. From an article on firstamendmentcenter.com:

The State Board of Education voted unanimously on Sept. 2 to continue teaching evolution as part of the biology curriculum in Utah’s schools.

In a position statement, the board said the theory of evolution was a mayor unifying scientific concept appropriate for public instruction.

But Utah state Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, is countering the board’s position with his “Academic Freedom Act,” a document that looks like draft legislation to present “intelligent design” in classrooms as well.

But unfortunately, it looks like state senator Buttars is still at it. Get this from him:

On Sept. 2, he told the state board the theory of evolution had “more holes than a crocheted bathtub,” adding that barring a discussion of intelligent design was a move akin to censorship.

It’s obvious now to me that Buttars is completely uneducated with respect to biology. I thought he might just be pandering to voters, but with statements like these it pretty obvious he just hasn’t read any books on evolution other than Behe’s.

As reported, the board ignored his request for a two hour session to discuss intelligent design.

HA! Good for them!