Whales are fish, right?

This was too funny not to post. Google News picks up these little editorials and letters from small papers around the country with the keywords evolution, intelligent design, etc. Most of these are unintelligible and completely forgettable. But every once in a while, you get something like the following:

Another convincing proof is the fact that there are similarities between species, which would be expected if they were all designed by the same Designer. If evolution is the great unifying principle in biology, why don’t we see the evolution of species today? (The sort of massive change that would be necessary for Darwinism to be true. Imagine. Mammals becoming whales, reptiles becoming birds, etc.) In the absence of such evidence, the proof is strong that one intelligent designer is responsible for whatever similarities exist in nature.

Imagine! WHALES BECOMING MAMMALS! Man, if that ever happened, evolution would have just have to be true. But since they’re, like, fish, or something, there must be a designer.