Daily Kos put to sleep…

Daily Kos used to be my favorite place to get fairly solid reporting on political news. Yes, the thing is ridiculously skewed toward the liberal side of the fence and I tend to fence-sit, but the overall news gathering and digging really stood out with good links to source material and whatnot.

However, there’s been a downward trend toward inanity there, which finally pushed me over the edge today. The straw that broke the camel’s back was this one where there’s an entire article and 300+ comments devoted to proving once and for all that the idiot Lieberman’s new campaign ad shows a sunset (“a metaphor for the end of his senate career?”) instead of the obviously intended sunrise.

They’ve got someone digging up the original source material from Getty and lengthly, apparently serious, discussions of such important issues as:

1. This can’t be a sunrise because only sunsets cause red sky glow

2. Where this picture was taken couldn’t be a sunrise because the beach faces the wrong way

3. The found original source isn’t really the right one, there’s a slightly different one that is a better fit

4. Much mirth at Lieberman’s campaign manager who initially insisted that it was, indeed, a sunrise.

This goes on and on. As I read, I realized that these people were completely out of it. This is but one example of the idiocy that now typifies any given day at dkos. I can’t take it any more. The bad outweighs the good and it’s too time consuming to sort through the crap there.

Buh bye.