topplericonTower Toppler, aka Nebulous

macOS  port of the free software version of Nebulous, written by Andreas Röver
For the official homepage of Toppler, please see

You know you played this on your C-64 or something when you were a kid. This is a very exacting clone that has all the features of the original (including simulated 8-bit graphics for the main character!) and then some. If you liked the original, you’ll love this version as well.


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All downloads and source code are provided AS-IS, and WITHOUT WARRANTY. These files are licensed under the GPL. Please see for license details.

Download Now, 4 MB
(64-Bit Apple Silicon and Intel Binary, requires 10.9.x)

For those still running PPC machines, download the 1.1.1-1, binary, available here

Source Code

Available on GitHub

Please note that this source is a patched version of Andreas’ official 1.1.3 source tree. While this source may still build on your Linux box, Windows machine, etc., I cannot guarantee I didn’t break something. If you’re compiling for something other than macOS, please download the source from the official Toppler homepage,

Change Log

As always, make sure you thank Andreas Röver, the original author of this code, at the official Toppler website,


  • Added support for Apple Silicon


  • Fixed debug timer left turned on


  • Fixes for macOS Monterey


  • Now fully works on Sierra and High Sierra
  • Fixed some 64 bit binary bugs
  • Fixed a ton of compiler warnings
  • Updated to SDL 2
  • Fixed fullscreen
  • Fixed sound
  • Codesigned & sandboxed


  • Updated to use the official 1.1.6 source code
  • Now an Intel-only binary


  • Updated to use the official 1.1.3 source code
  • The default language selection in OS X now selects the language for Toppler
  • A new mission David1
  • New translations: Czech, Rumanian, Basque
  • New background music included


  • Updated with a universal binary. This now requires 10.4 to run properly.


  • Fixed problem when running on 10.2 systems.


  • Included Pasis 2 Towers
  • New Finnish translation
  • Updated French translation


  • Joystick support (though I have no way of testing this…)
  • In the level designer, elevators can now be made to pass doors
  • There was a condition where the little green guy could get stuck
  • A Windows bug with a strange .dll was fixed (not that this affects you..)


  • Original OS X release package.


If you have questions, problems, etc., with the binary, please don’t email Andreas, as he is not responsible for this port. Please send praise, problems, and flames to