Toppler updated to 1.1.6-3

Toppler was updated to 1.1.6-3. This update was mainly for compatibility with newer versions of MacOS. This version is 64-bit only, and should run on machines from 10.9 onward. If your version of Toppler had sound that didn’t work, broken fullscreen, etc., this should take care of that. Additionally, this removes reading/writing to the UNIX-style hidden directory $HOME/.toppler and puts high score files and settings in a more Mac-friendly and Sandbox-aware location. As a result, your high scores and settings might not carry over. You can manually move these files if you so desire.

Go get it!

FreeDroid Updated to 1.0.2-2

FreeDroid has been updated to 1.0.2-2. This is basically to make it run on more recent versions of MacOS where sound and other features were broken. In the process I updated the code to support SDL 2.0, fixed some problems that prevented it from building for 64-bit, and added a code signature so it plays nice with Gatekeeper.

Download it here


Toppler Updated to 1.1.6

I’ve updated Toppler to the official 1.1.6 software. The binary is now an Intel-only version since I no longer have tools for PPC builds.

Go Get it!

(Note: There was a bad link to 1.1.3 posted for a bit on the actual Toppler page. If you’re getting crashes on OS X 10.11, please make sure you’ve got the 1.1.6 from the corrected link.)


Wrenching for wretches

There is absolutely nothing that rates higher on the pain-in-the-ass scale than replacing the battery tray in an EFI Harley Sportster. Don’t ask why I needed to replace it; just never, ever do it. Take it to someone you can pay to suffer. ‘Cause it ain’t worth it.

But it’s in, and the Fuel Pak is still working, which is all I really wanted before the three hour finger slicing, plastic bending shit fest began.

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